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R.B. Shifman relaxing on Coronado Peninsula, California, far from his home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

I’m a husband, father, writer, and market researcher by day. Raised in South Florida, I studied creative writing at the University of Miami. Thirty-three years ago, I moved to Pennsylvania, where I earned a couple of graduate degrees from Temple University in Philadelphia. After this, I entered the healthcare market research industry.

Like most authors though, I never stopped reading and writing for pleasure. I write mostly YA stories under the pen name, R.B. Shifman. I write MG horror stories using the pen name, R.B. Shudderman. I sometimes write adult-audience short stories using my given name, Richard Shifman.

I live with my wife and daughter near Doylestown, Pennsylvania outside of Philly. My daughter attends college studying computer science, and my son is an Emerson College graduate and lives in the Boston area. This leaves me plenty of time to spend with my wife (my biggest supporter), as well as write MG and YA fantasy, horror, contemporary, romance, and scifi stories.

I’m a lifelong learner, and I continue to take writing courses to improve my craft.

Also, I keep writing. I write. And I write. And I write.

Nearly every semester, I am lucky to be a special guest instructor for Central Bucks High School West’s Creative Writing class in Doylestown, PA. On 10/27/2022, I discussed the drafting/writing process, hooks, the mechanics of good writing, and other topics with the students. If you’re a teacher, I’d be happy to speak with your class, too. A download of the material reviewed is available here:

See this website’s homepage for some of my social media links.

Check back throughout 2023 for news on exciting projects in the works.

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