Other Works – R.B. Shifman

Other Works by R.B. Shifman


A short story in Eunoia Review

Parker Twiddle struggles under the weight of many years of trying to get close to his criminally-insane father. A sudden advance in AI technology provides him the breakthrough he’s sought.


Blog site

I provide some useful querying tips here.

New MSs/WIPs!

I finished and polished a YA horror novel that is like a teen version of FROM on Epix but in a more ‘fun’ setting. (PS – watch FROM!). One agent manuscript request for this novel is outstanding. Status TBD.

I sold a darkly-comic, modern short story, reminiscent of The Metamorphosis, to a prestigious literary horror magazine. Details TBA in October 2023.

I’m querying a fun MG horror novel that comps to The Clackity. A full manuscript and a partial manuscript are being reviewed by agents! Status TBD.

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