Other Works – R.B. Shifman

Other Works by R.B. Shifman


A short story in Eunoia Review

Parker Twiddle struggles under the weight of many years of trying to get close to his criminally-insane father. A sudden advance in AI technology provides him the breakthrough he’s sought.


Blog site

R.B. provides useful advice for writers, covering relevant issues. From discussing pop culture and music–Carol Danvers to Halsey–to thinking about your next WIP, this blog entertains and informs.

New WIPs!

With mixed emotions, I announced in January, 2021 that I’m transitioning to writing fiction for adult audiences only. As such, I’ve suspended all MG/YA efforts/projects indefinitely. Sometime in 2021/2022, I should be creating a new author website for my #A novel(s) and other projects.

This site will remain active until at least 2023, while my Savage Spells series is still available on Amazon.