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Everyone Leaves This Place, Savage Spells Book 1 – A Debut YA Fantasy Novel – Averaging 4.8 of 5 Stars in reviews across multiple sites, professional reviews, and blogs. (link to buy is below)

Love’s Heavy Spell, Savage Spells Book 2 – The sequel to Everyone Leaves This Place is now on AMAZON! (link to buy is below)

Still Running Deep, the final book in the Savage Spells trilogy, is now on AMAZON! (link to buy is below)

LINK: Shop Now on Amazon (Savage Spells Book 1)

LINK: Shop Now on Amazon (Savage Spells Book 2)

LINK: Shop Now on Amazon (Savage Spells Book 3)

Also available at Solstice Publishing:

Synopsis for Savage Spells Book 1:

Eighteen-year-old Evee Salazar undergoes an out-of-body experience! She’s feeling the stress of senior year and butting heads with her mom. Worse, Evee secretly falls for Mark Perrino, the new guy in her friend group, even though she suspects he’s stalking her.

To slow Evee’s roll, her mom sends her to sit with Gramma Cynthia on Friday evenings at an assisted living residence. Sounds like an easy task, but Gramma, who’s descended from a long line of witches, decides to switch bodies with Evee on three separate evenings. Goaded by a mysterious friend, Gramma brews up this temporary body-switching remedy to increase her granddaughter’s gratitude. But it only leaves Evee fuming.

Gramma’s body-switching plans lead to mayhem, but the madness doesn’t end there. Evee discovers somebody else with malevolent intentions is casting spells behind the scenes. This shadowy figure has stolen Gramma’s dark-magic spell book. And if Evee can’t figure out who it is, they may destroy her life.

Read 2 sample chapters of Everyone Leaves This Place Download Below:

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